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Historic Tours of Rannoch and Kynachan (Tummel)

Historic Travels

Rannoch, A Brief History

Like many parts of the highlands, the history of Rannoch is bloody.

The Picts, The Romans, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the English Civil War and of course the Jacobite’s, all left a bloody trail in Rannoch history.

After Culloden the area was ravaged by loyalist Militia troops routing out the Jacobite’s survivors. Many of these Jacobite’s rebels such as Alan Stewart watched helplessly from the top of a nearby crag while government Militia soldiers destroyed his home at Innerhadden.

There then followed a noted period of rebuilding lives, Flax and Lint were a few of the cottage industries that evolved along with commercial forestry.

The village now enjoys a more tranquil and quiet existence with Farming, Forestry and Tourism as its main industries.

Tours are run daily for individuals or groups sizes of up to 16 passengers in a variation of vehicles.

Whilst on the tour, lunch can also be arranged if required. Tours are on a pre-booked and pre-paid basis only.


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